Meet the Breeders


 We are a small home breeder of quality Bengals and Shih Tzu. Our names  are Archie and Pam Johns and 10 years ago we got our first Shih Tzu.  He  was this vey small fluffy white puppy.  We fell in love with him  instantly.  We Archie went to Afghanistan for a year Pam got Zena to  help keep her company.  From there we began breeding and showing  puppies. 


 Our youngest son wanted a kitten so we looked to see what would be  the best breed for our home and to play with our Shih Tzu.  We loved the  Bengals and got Nyliia as a present for our son.  She fit in so well  that with 2 months we got Jacqueeze.  And so the story  goes.................................More puppies and more kittens and a  lot more love.



When you look at our Kings and Queens you will see that  our family has grown.  We currently have 1 male Shih Tzu, 4 female Shih  Tzu, 2 male Bengal adults, 2 female Bengal adults and 1 American  Shorthair female.  Our home is full of a lot of love and playfulness.